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PANTONE® Color Systems

When PANTONE® color matching is key, International Coatings has the solutions. Our PANTONE® color systems offer tough, durable inks that will look great longer. Our online formulation calculator makes it easy for you to match and mix PMS colors. Create a log-in to be able to save custom color formulas and calculate ink costs. Check out our cool formulation tool at

800 Series Opaque Color System
The 800 Series is designed to make opaque simulations of PANTONE® colors for dark-fabric printing. The system consists of ten highly pigmented, ready-for-use, low-bleed primary colors. The inks are very creamy, low-fusing, fast-flashing, and easy to print. All the colors in the 800 System are lead-free, do not contain any bleaching agents and emit minimal odor.

UltraMix® 7400 Color System
International Coatings introduces its UltraMix® 7400 Color System. Economically priced and easy to use, UltraMix®7400 inks offer faster wet-on-wet production speeds with less pressure and extremely low ink build-up. The color matching system consists of 15 intermixable colors that enable printers to simulate PANTONE® colors on white and dark (with white underlay) fabrics.

UltraMix® 7400 Color Concentrates
UltraMix® 7400 Color Concentrates can be mixed to direct print plastisol inks to enhance, change, or add color. These color concentrates are versatile and can be added to tint Special Effects bases or shimmers and metallics as well. Colors are the same as those in the UltraMix® 7400 Color System.

7500 Color Mixing System
One of our most popular color mixing systems, 7500 Color Mixing System is a high performance, low bleed PMS matching system. The ink is very creamy and short-bodied, with low tack and greatly improved shear. Ideal for high definition and resolution, detail and halftone printing.

UltraMix® 9000 Color System
The UltraMix® 9000 Color System for nylon is formulated to provide simulations of the PANTONE® Color Standards for light- and dark-colored nylon fabrics. UltraMix® 9000 are fast-flashing, tw-part plastisol-based inks specifically formulated for printing on normally hard-to-print nylon. UltraMix® 9000 colors are also well suited for fine-detail and halftone printing.

GEN IV Waterbase Color Mixing System
GEN IV is a water-based, non-phthalate, non-PVC ink system that prints like a plastisol and resists drying in the screen. GEN IV offers excellent opacity and is creamy and full-bodied. Use the 7500 color formulations to simulate Pantone colors using GEN IV.

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