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Specialty Products

When vibrant colors and bright whites are not enough, International Coatings comes through with dimensional, glitter, reflective, metallic, puff and other special-effect inks to meet the need.

Specialty Inks and Bases

High Density Inks (HD)
These inks produce dramatic 3-dimensional, heavy-deposit prints. Because of reduced tack and increased flow characteristics, these high-viscosity plastisol inks will print through thick stencils. Their unique flash time will speed up production and dwell time in the dryer. Extremely sharp edges can be produced for maximum effect. Available as 142 HD Base, 143 HD White and 144 HD Black.

108 Glow-In-The-Dark
108 Glow-In-The-Dark (phosphorescent) is a plastisol screen printing ink that produces a bright, greenish-yellow glow in a darkened area after it has been exposed to light. This product can be used for direct print or cold peel transfer applications.

220 Puff Additive
This additive produces a unique raised or puff effect. An easy-to-use plastisol product, it can be hand-stirred into International Coatings' Multipurpose, 700, 800, 1100, 7000, and 7600 Series inks. The recommended maximum ratio of additive to ink is 10% to 15% by weight.

222 Suede/Dulling Additive
For reducing surface gloss in most plastisol inks or creating a special suede-look ink, this product can be hand-stirred into International Coatings' Multipurpose, 700, 800, 1100, 7000, and 7600 Series inks. To eliminate gloss, simply add 2% additive to ink by weight. To create a suede look, add 10% to 15% additive to ink by weight.

3810 BlowOut™ Base
Our 3810 BlowOutT Base will blister and bubble up when cured to form a unique spongy and textured surface. It can be used alone or in combination with other products (such as the 3811 Granite™ Base) to create various textures and special printing effects.

Metallics and Shimmers

96 Metallic Silver
96 Metallic Silver contains microscopic metallic powder for a bright and shiny, chrome-like metallic look when printed.

155 LB Shimmer Plastisol
155 LB (low-bleed) Shimmer is a translucent iridescent Crystalina glitter flake in a very clear base. It is a press-ready plastisol used for creating special sparkling effects on garments.

156, 157, 158 Metallic Shimmers
156 Metallic Silver, 157 Metallic Gold, and 158 Metallic Copper LB Shimmer Plastisols are all press-ready. They provide a bright, non-tarnishing metallic sparkle to printed garments. The inks consist of fine, shimmering glitter flakes in a low-bleed, low-fusion, easy-to-print base. Easy printing is a real plus for hand and automatic printers when it comes to wear and tear on people and equipment.

Clears and Enhancers

720 Softhand Clear
720 Softhand clear, as part of the 700 Series, is a super clear, curable extender base plastisol used to soften, extend and increase the flow characteristics of most plastisol inks. Highly recommended for extending any process color, especially our Pro-BriteT Process Colors.

1199 Stretch Ink Additive
1199 Stretch Ink Additive can be easily mixed into Multipurpse, 700 Series or 1100 Series plastisols to produce increased elongation and improved adhesion on Lycra, Spandex and other stretch fabrics. 1199 is a 100% solids ink that contains no solvents. The printed ink has excellent laundry resistance.

3804 Low-Cure Additive
3804 Low Cure Additive effectively lowers the curing temperature of our plastisol inks, providing new printing opportunities for the growing range of heat-sensitive substrates in the market today. Ideal for printing on 100% polyester athletic fabrics or the popular non-woven polypropylene fabrics (such as the non-woven bags) which will melt when exposed to high temperatures.

3805 Super Stretch Clear
3805 Super Stretch Clear is especially formulated to provide exceptional stretch for today's athletic and performance fabrics. This versatile product can also be used as a stretch additive to enhance the stretch properties of other plastisol inks. In addition, 3805 Super Stretch Clear acts as a great foil adhesive as well as a clear carrier for PVC- or glass beads.

3807 Gel Gloss Clear
3807 Gel Gloss Clear is a Non-Phthalate product that produces a "wet" look when printed on top of other flashed plastisol inks. This product doubles as a clear carrier base for PVC- or glass beads as well as a low-tack glitter base.

3809 Special FX Clear
3809 Special FX Clear achieves a super high gloss when used as a base or overprint and is not sticky or tacky after curing. This ink also works well as a high density clear for "stacking." Produces a very high gloss, clear, "wet" look.

3816 Sentri Clear
3816 Sentri Clear is a soft-hand enhancer which can be mixed with finished colors or concentrates to achieve super-soft prints. This versatile product (one of our best-sellers) can be used as an extender base, curable thinner, or a top clear coat for reducing fibrillation.

3817 Sentri Black
3817 Sentri Black works as a printing black to achieve super soft-hand prints. Sentri Black obtains a deep black color that results in a print with the look and feel similar to a waterbase print.

3818 Sentri Reducer
3818 Sentri Curable Reducer can be used as a soft-hand additive as well as a viscosity modifier. This product can extend the yield when used as an additive which in turn, may reduce production costs. Achieves excellent super soft-hand prints.

Adhesives And Resists

3801 Plastisol Foil Adhesive
3801 is a clear plastisol adhesive used to produce brilliant metallic foil designs on textiles. 3801 adhesive can be printed directly onto the fabric. Foil is then applied to the dried adhesive. The adhesive also can be printed directly on the foil in a way similar printing a conventional transfer. Designs made with 3801 adhesive can be applied to light or dark fabrics.

3802 Plastisol Foil Resist Additive
3802 Foil Resist Additive resists foil adhesion when applying foil in a heat press. Use to create multi-color or multi-layer designs with foil sticking to the desired areas of the design only.

3820 Flock Adhesive
3820 Direct Print Flock Adhesive is a Non-Phthalate product and is a strong flock adhesive that cures to a soft, elastic, pliable print. Its "short" body allows a thick deposit to be printed easily for flocking.

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