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Additives & Reducers

International Coatings offer a great variety of plastisol Additives and Reducers designed to provide printers with unique printing solutions and provide today's demanding customers with unique print technique alternatives.

220 Puff Additive
Use International Coatings' 220 Puff Additive to add texture and interest to a design. The ink will puff up (or raise) when it is cured. Experiment with different mesh sizes or higher temperatures to create unique looks.

222 Dulling / Suede Additive
The 222 Dulling / Suede Additive is a very versatile "tool" to have. A small amount (up to 2%) added to a regular plastisol ink will act as a dulling agent, thus creating a matte finish of the cured ink. Add more of the additive (about 10%-15% by weight) to create velvet or suede textures for leather-type simulations or designer textures.

500 Quick-Trans Additive
The 500 Quick-Trans Additive will convert any of International Coatings' Multipurpose or 700 Series plastisol inks to hot split or hot peel transfer inks.

720 Softhand Clear Base
Add the 720 Softhand Clear Base to general purpose plastisol inks for improved hand, reduced cost and printability. 720 Softhand Clear Base is very clear and is also recommended for extending any process colors, especially our Pro-Brite? Process Colors.

1199 Stretch Ink Additive
The 1199 Stretch Ink Additive can be added to regular plastisol ink to add elasticity and elongation. Ideal when printing today's performance or athletic and other stretchable fabrics, especially those containing Lycra or Spandex.

1099 Curable Lo-Bleed Reducer
This 1099 Curable Lo-Bleed Reducer will effectively and efficiently reduce the viscosity of plastisol inks without fear of over-reducing. In addition, if reducing low-bleed inks, the 1099 Curable Lo-Bleed Reducer will keep the low-bleed properties of the ink.

1110 Curable Reducer
International Coatings' 1110 Curable Reducer will lower the viscosity of plastisol inks without affecting the fusing characteristics. 1110 Curable Reducer can also help in reducing ink build-up on the back of successive screens when printing wet on wet.

LBX Viscosity Modifier
Our LBX Viscosity Modifier is a liquid plasticizer used for reducing plastisol inks. Only 1% - 5% by weight will effectively improve flow.

3802 Foil Resist Additive
The 3802 Foil Resist Additive is designed to resist foil adhesion when applying foil to a print design in a heat press. Works with most plastisol inks. Create multi-layered designs with foil sticking only to the desired areas of the design or print.

3804 Low Cure Additive
3804 Low Cure Additive effectively lowers curing temperatures of most plastisol inks to less than 300° F (149° C). Use the 3804 Low Cure Additive when printing heat-sensitive materials such as 100% polyester or non-woven polypropylene bags. Ideal for printing athletic and synthetic fabrics that are prone to dye migration.

3805 Super Stretch Clear
The 3805 Super Stretch Clear is a very versatile product. It is specifically formulated to provide exceptional stretch when added to plastisol inks. Ideal for printing on stretchable fabrics and those containing Lycra or Spandex. In addition, it can also be used as a foil adhesive or a clear carrier for PVC (caviar beads ) or glass beads. When added to regular plastisol, it will add a glossy finish to the print.

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