Industrial Products – Plastisols

Plastisols are versatile plastic products. They can be dipped, cast or rotation molded, sprayed or screen printed on a range of substrates. They are liquid at room temperature and cure only when they are heated to their design temperature. Plastisols are considered “100% solids”, offering a 100% yield.

The following are just a few of the products manufactured from International Coatings plastisols:

Filter end caps for air and liquid cartridges

  • Durometer range 40 to 80 shore-A
  • FDA formulas available
  • Fomulated to be non-wicking on most medias
  • NSF approval

Medical devices manufacturing

  • Formulated with FDA raw materials
  • All durometer ranges
  • Certification documents available


  • Formlated with FDA raw materials
  • Complete range of non hazardous pigments are used
  • Durometer range, 30 shore-A to 40 shore-D

Rotational molded products

  • Durometer range 30 shore-A to 40 shore-D
  • All color selection
  • Products are formulated to insure smooth, even surfaces when molded
  • FDA formulas available

Replica Food

  • Formulated with FDA raw materials
  • All Durometer ranges
  • Water based urethanes coating for color highlights available

Hot dip and open molding manufacturing

  • Formulas for coating tool handels, grips and caps
  • All durometer ranges.
  • Full color selection
  • No plasticizer migration
  • FDA type formulas available

Fishing lures

  • Formulas for salt and fresh water fishing
  • Durometer range of 15-95 shore-A
  • Can be purchased in clear or in colors
  • No plasticizer migration

Plastisol Properties

This PDF outlines the wide variety of physical properties that can be obtained from industrial plastisols.