Industrial Products

For more than six decades, International Coatings has been a leader in the formulation and manufacture of coatings, specialty plastisols and urethanes, adhesives, and industrial compounds.

We produce water and solvent-based primers, adhesives and coating systems to cover a wide range of applications.

We formulate a range of specialty plastic products including epoxy thermosetting resins, nitrile and neoprene synthetic rubber coatings, high-temperature-resistant fluoro-elastomers and flexible air-dry vinyl and hypalon coatings.

We can provide stock formulations or any custom formulation in anything from gallons to tote bins.

Our coatings and compounds can be found in military equipment, airplanes, automobile and water filters, children’s toys, sports and exercise equipment, tool handles, medical appliances, storage containers, plastic racks, food replicas, marine equipment, automotive parts, and in movie costumes, sets and special effects.