About International Coatings

Product performance, quality, innovation and superior customer service have been the hallmarks of International Coatings Company for more than 60 years. International Coatings has been a pioneer in the production of vinyl and urethane plastics, specialty coatings and adhesives, and a leader in the development of textile screen-printing inks and paints. We have the product line, formulation capabilities and experience to make your ideas a reality.


From the beginning, it was clear that our mission was threefold – provide quality products, ensure value and fully support our customers. We realize that our customers are our partners and that our mission doesn’t end until our customers are completely satised. Our customers know they can depend on our assistance and support throughout their manufacturing, printing or application processes.


The evolution of International Coatings has mirrored its times. At our start, we were pioneers in the development and manufacture of industrial coatings and vinyl plastic compounds. We then led the way in the development and production of textile screen-printing inks for both direct and transfer applications. Products such as our high-performance Nylon inks, our low-bleed whites and our full range of non-PVC ink products are recognized as the best in the industry. They helped establish our reputation for producing products that perform. Today, our extensive line also includes trac marking paints and a range of vinyl, urethane, water-based and solvent-based industrial products and formulations.

We’re used to developing solutions for challenging applications. More often than not, the name of the game in plastics and industrial coatings is custom formulating and compounding. This is where our skilled chemists and technicians come in. They’ve worked together for years formulating a wide variety of compounds, including textile screen-printing inks, trac marking paints, coatings and adhesives for a variety of substrates, two-part polyurethane systems, solvent- and water-base primers, thermosetting resins and synthetic rubber-based coatings.

We see our formulations and products in automobiles and recreational vehicles, toys, medical appliances, military and aerospace applications, sports equipment, sportswear, athletic jerseys and bags, and baseball caps worldwide. Our traffic paints are on some of the busiest roads, airport tarmacs, parking lots and sports venues in the country.