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White Plastisols

White inks of the highest quality are critical to screen printers. They are the day-to-day workhorse of the industry, and International Coatings recognizes their importance with an eye to delivering a range of the finest white plastisol inks available.

711 Lo-Bleed White &
7014 Lo-Bleed HP White

711 and 714 LB (low-bleed) HP (high-pigment) inks are fast-flashing, low-fusing, low-tack white plastisols. These truly white whites have a creamy viscosity, are easy to print and require less pressure than most other whites to print through the screen. 711 and 7014 Lo-Bleed HP White inks emit no objectionable odor, contain no bleaching agents and their performance is recognized as superior to other low-bleed inks.

741 Ultra Low Bleed White
741 Ultra Low Bleed White is one of International Coatings' lowest-bleed white inks, formulated for tough-to-print polyester or polyester blend fabrics. (As with all low-bleed inks, preprint and test all fabrics for dye migration, ink adhesion, wash fastness and other desired properties before beginning any production.)

771 Low Viscosity Lo-Bleed Whites
771 LB HP white is a fast-flashing, low-fusing, highly pigmented ink. 771 is formulated specifically for under-base printing through fine mesh counts - important in the printing of simulated and four-color process designs on dark fabrics. 771 ink is a truly "white" white. It emits no objectionable odors, contains no bleaching agents and is superior in performance to other low-viscosity, low-bleed inks.

Ultra White 7031 &
Ultra White 7034

Ultra White 7031 and 7034 are high-performance, high-pigment, low-bleed bright white inks formulated for ultra-high-speed automatic printing. 7034 offers faster fusing than 7031. Both inks are very creamy, short-bodied and low-tack and offer greatly improved shear for ease of printing. Ultra White 7031 and 7034 are well suited for high-definition and -resolution, fine-detail and half-tone printing. They will deliver faster production speeds with less pressure and can be printed through finer mesh counts.

7032 Cotton White
7032 Cotton White is a high pigment (HP), white plastisol screen printing ink for use on 100% cotton fabrics. Its creamy viscosity makes the ink very easy to print. Less pressure is needed to print the ink through finer screen meshes. 7032 Cotton White is specifically formulated to resist ghosting or fabric discoloration.

7033 High Pigment Lo-Bleed White
The 7033 Lo-Bleed White is a highly pigmented (opaque), low-bleed white plastisol printing ink formulated for printing on cotton and cotton/poly blend fabrics. The ink does not contain any bleaching agents and is superior in performance to other low-bleed inks.

7038 Cotton White
7038 Cotton White is a very economically priced high pigment (HP) white plastisol ink for use on 100% cotton fabrics. With its creamy consistency, the ink is very easy to print, requiring less pressure to print the ink through finer screen meshes. 7038 Cotton White is also formulated to resist ghosting and fabric discoloration.

7040 Blocker Grey™
The 7040 Blocker Grey is a superior bleed-blocking ink specifically formulated for use as an under base for printing on dark or light-colored cotton/poly blends or 100% polyester fabrics. This ink is a Phthalate-Free product. As its name alludes to, the ink is light grey rather than white in color. 7040 Blocker Grey is a highly pigmented, very opaque ink that is very creamy and short-bodied with low tack for ease of printing.

7041 Paramount White™
7041 Paramount White™ is an Ultra Lo-Bleed, Phthalate-Free white plastisol ink with superior bleed-blocking properties. The 7041 has a very creamy viscosity, is low fusing, fast flashing with low tack for ease of printing. It is formulated specifically for 100% cotton, cotton/poly blends, or polyester fabrics. 7041 Paramount White does not contain any bleaching agents and offers superior performance relative to other low-bleed inks.

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