Transfer Products

Printing Plastisol Heat Transfers

Heat transfers can be printed easily and quickly, and can be a great print choice. Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Difficult to print items – Transfers are a great print solution for multi-layer fabric masks and other hard to print articles.
  • Customizing possibilities – Transfers are an excellent choice for a wide variety of items, from garments to masks, bags, work wear, team wear, etc.
  • Fabric range – Use the same transfer to decorate multiple fabric types, including migration-prone synthetics. Guardian Gray™ 7043 can be printed as the last layer prior to adding adhesive to block bleed.
  • Print on demand – Fulfill custom orders faster.
  • Inventory control – Reduce inventory or overstock of printed shirts.
  • Special effects – Create glitter, shimmer, high density and puff transfers!

Transfer Inks

All-Pro™ 900 Series

All-Pro™ 9000 Series

500 Quick Trans™ Additive

700 Direct Print Series

7043 Guardian Gray™

220 Puff Additive

3801 Foil Adhesive