August 13, 2021

This print shows Guardian Gray™ printed on its own (left); a low-bleed white printed over the Guardian™ ink (middle); and a low-bleed white printed on its own as an under- and over-print (far right). Dye migration (pink hue) occurred shortly after curing on the print without the Guardian™ bleed blocker.

The challenge is real: Your customer wants white letters printed on a red 100% polyester shirt... Wait - how about a camouflage shirt instead? Don't sweat it:  Guardians™ to the rescue!

International Coatings' Guardian Gray™ 7043and AXEON™ Non-PVC Guardian Black™ 1240 are the ultimate bleed blockers! They are formulated to stop bleed on tough fabrics by absorbing the dye coming off the fabric.

As part of our FlexCure™ line of products, the Guardian Gray's 'flexible' curing range of 275°F to 325°F (135°C to 163°C) makes it ideal for printing on a variety of substrates.

View Video Print Demo of Guardian Black™

Conquer your tough dye migration issues – try the Guardian™ products today!

Check out our FlexCure web page for a complete listing of International Coatings' low-cure products.