On Target: FlexCure

March 28, 2023

FlexCure Inks are on Target for today's printers

You've heard about our "FlexCure™" products quite a bit lately and you understand that they can be cured across a range of temperatures. But how can FlexCure™ contribute to your shop’s success?

FlexCure - International Coatings’ FlexCure™ products offer a ‘flexible’ curing range, from a low 275°F (135°C) to a standard 325°F (163°C). FlexCure™ inks can be used as low-cure and/or standard cure inks.

Low-Cure - Why the big hoopla about low-cure? The growing popularity of synthetic, polyester and performance fabrics is challenging printers in several ways. Many synthetic fabrics are heat sensitive and tend to shrink or melt when cured at standard cure temperatures. These same fabrics also contain temperature-reactive dyes that can result in dye migration (bleeding) when heated to standard cure temperatures. Curing at lower temperatures helps minimize or prevent dye migration and shrinking issues.

Value - FlexCure™ inks give you the option to select the temperatures that work best for any given job. No need to stock separate ink lines for low-cure and standard cure production runs. Another plus - running your dryer at lower temperatures saves energy, a bonus to your bottom line and the environment.

Did you know that International Coatings had FlexCure™ products dating as far back as 1979?

One of our most popular product lines, our All-Pro™ Series (900 Nylon Series as it was called in the past) has been FlexCure™ since 1979 when it was first introduced. So yes, you could say that International Coatings was the pioneer of flexible curing products.

Product Range - We recently expanded our line of FlexCure™ inks, and are in the process of adding more of our products to the line. Check out our expanding range of FlexCure™ inks on the FlexCure™ page of our website.